Tropical Home Design

Beach is the most visited place where people can enjoy sunbathe, beautiful waves, sunrise, and sunset. However, if you think that you can only feel tropical environment only at the beach then you should think twice. The trending now is tropical home design. This is the floor plans where you can feel tropical interior design every day. A house with tropical design today is desirable for most people since it offers unique and comfortable environment. Tropical house can be combined with classic or modern style. However, tropical design itself has already had its distinctive value.

What matters for building a tropical house ?

There are some elements that needs to be pointed out in building a house with tropical theme. Here we go:


The roof for tropical house must be different than classic or European home design. Tropical house usually uses overhang and large roof. The purpose for the large and overhang shape is to protect from the strong sun especially when it’s summer or dry season. The roof plays important role in tropical house because its function. It’s not only functioned as sun protector but also to cover the overall structures when the rain comes so the water will drain away. Hence, unlike modern or minimalist home design where the roof is also narrow or flat, the roof for tropical house should be large and overhang as told before. The roof style is adopted from the native house around the beach where they use large roof to give more protection from extreme weather.


Adapting the weather in Indonesia where it can be extreme during rainy and dry season, tropical home design should be created to suit the condition. Hence, airflow is important element that influence the house structure so the house will be always comfortable for in any season. That’s why to support the airflow, transom window, high ceiling and French door will be the most suitable ones. Better airflow is not only beneficial for clean and fresh air but also for natural lighting. With high ceiling, there will be more air available. Supported with large, overhangs and pitched roof, the hot air won’t get trapped in the room.  

Cooling element

It is essential for tropical home design to have cooling element. No, it’s not air conditioning but water features like swimming pool or ponds. Water features will act as cooling element. It will help to cool down the house. It will be like an oasis in the middle of a desert. The best place to overcome excessive heat during the day is water features. Swimming pool can be located at the back area. It will be perfect to plant a tree next to the water feature so it can be the best place to rest and hide from the strong sun.  


Deck can be additional element to complete tropical design for your house. Tropical deck can be located at the best part of your house where the best view of scenery can be seen clearly. Most furnitures use wooden-based materials. Small and low coffe table, comfortable hanging chair or wooden couches are just perfect to fill in the deck. This is the place where you can enjoy the view.

The colors that fit the theme of tropical home design are the those which will bring warm and natural tone such as orange, light blue, light brown, white, and green. The interior design tends to be an opening space without adding much pillars or blocking. Hence, it will offer spacious and opening environment which brings comfort. For the exterior, the walls can be combined with wooden materials so it enhances tropical environment.