Smart Home

Smart Home Design

Technology today is way more developed. You can’t say that you can live without any technology. Surprisingly, it’s not only about smartphone or computer but also for a house. Smart home design has been popular these days as modern and high technology living is in demand. You don’t need to think about robot. You can start your high-tech living with your home design. A house which has high technology features is usually located in urban area. That’s because the availability of electricity source is more stable. Besides adopting high-tech features, smart design includes setting some features which offer simple solution for the interior design.

Let’s get started with the design of smart home or people these days call it high-tech home. Basically, smart home style tend to be clean, simple and minimalist. The furnitures and other elements are meant to be functional. Even though the style is similar to industrial home design, smart home design limits the choice of colors. Hence, the colors are enough with basic ones such as sandy, grey, white, dark navy or black. Besides, the pitched flat roof will fits the concept very well because it promotes energetic, dynamic and high profile.


Kitchen consists of storage, shelves, and other kitchenwares. To support smart design plans, the storage used is open and organized storage which promotes simple and clean look. It is important to choose simple geometric shapes for the furnitures. If it’s too boring, then you can add an accent in one element for example placing green plants in one of the corners or on the table.

Living room

For the living room, simple and functional furnitures are priority. The color of the wall can be white with black accent in some points. To created bright accent, you can put modular sofa. It is also high-tech sofa because it can change its shape. Choose modular sofa with bold color such as scarlett or dark orange as a focal point of the room. To support the smart interior, you can also place metal legged-chairs, wheeled-coffee table, and a book shelves with glossy effect. Remember that you just need one element as the focal point, which in here is the colored-sofa. So, the others have plain colors which is the combination of white and black accent.

Dining Room

The concept of dining room is not different from the licing room’s. Still using the same accent colors, metal legs and back chairs will fit the room very well. To add the accent, you can hang ceiling chandelier with simple shape. Another furnitures like cabinet should be in the same tone color. To make a focal point, you can put table with glass desktop.

Floor Design

To create perfect floor design, you can use floor covering with single-colored for example sandy. However, you can use floor covering with certain pattern in one of the rooms for example office room so it will distinguish the room from the others.


It is often that you’d like to decorate the wall of your home with colorful splash or any decorative items hanging. However, excessive decoration doesn’t fit well with smart home ideas. The wall shouldn’t be decorated and it needs to remains plain. However, you can put simple paintings or metal frames to make it look more alive.

To support the smart home design plans, it needs glass and metal cladding. Besides, high-tech features such as CCTV, digital panel for electronic items, and mobile monitoring are also necessary items. Those features will help to advance the house with high-tech system. Therefore, the concept of smart or high-tech home style will be shown distinctively.