Modern Home Design

In architectural design, there are two basic styles. They are modern and classic. Every style consists of different design as well, making it varied more and more. Some people most likely to have classic home design which hold warm environment. However, others tend to be comfortable to live in modern home design which showcases luxury and functionality of daily living. Both has different look and characteristics. However, today we are not going to discuss both designs but modern design only.

As told above, modern style also consists of various designs. Here are some house plans ideas for modern style that you can use as references:

Modern Scandinavian Home Design

Scandinavian can be added to the modern home design because it can mark eclecticism to the interior. The floors are usually light wooden-based material with smooth textures. The walls consist of unique tiles which will be a perfevct match with the floor. To make the look more modern and stylish, it uses block-coloring for the furniture and wall with charcoal tones. A modern Scandinavian home design is usually completed with a fireplace. However, it uses glass-walled fireplace to enhance modern look.

Modern design of a house is also characteried by the floor-to-ceiling walls. It let’s the sunshine comes into the room so the lighting will be much better. Leather couches will be a perfect match for the interior design, showing more on modern aspects. It will be more beautiful to choose dark-colored couches to balance the white walls. As a focal point, wood-stack column can be added so the room looks more interesting. This modern Scandanavian home design shows luxury and elegance at the same time. That’s why Scandanavian and modern home design fit each other well.

Modern Minimalist Home Design

The next style is modern minimalist home design. As the Earth getting old and the environment should be saved, it will much help to build eco-friendly house with measurable building standard. It will help promoting low-energy consumption. However, even though the title is ‘minimalist’, it doesn’t mean that the house will bee crumped and narrow. This design still offers comfortable and spacious environment but in measurable portion. Clean and simple environment are the basic value of this modern minimalist. Started from the exterior, the roof can be a flat or pitched. It’s up to personal taste. However, even when it uses pitched roof, it will not be as steep as classic house. Pitched roof benefits for the water to drain away during rainy season. There are also people who like their roof house to be flat so it will be easier if they want to add another floor in the future.

The choice of color for modern minimalist home is most likely light green, pastel, charcoal, and other calm or mute colors. Modern house with passive principal usually has simple structures. The structure doesn’t involve any complex details but it tends to the the functional point, for example high ceiling for air circulation and large windows for efficient lighting. However, some people might think that modern home design tends to look dull and dry. Eventually, we can add planting style for the garden. There, we can create geometric beds with clean lines so the look still in order. Hence, the overall look of the house both inside and out will be iconic.

Those are two ideas for modern home design. There is a bunch of ideas about modern living that can represent luxury and functionality. Those two are just the examples on how a modern home style look like. Modern design has benefits on clean and simple look. Besides, today’s modern house is focusing on how to make it nature-friendly and low-energy consumption.