Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly Home Design

The energy taken from what available on the Earth won’t last forever. There will be time when it’s running out and people should take an action to save the Earth. You don’t need to wait until it’s running out but you can start with building more eco-friendly home design. With this kind of home design, the aim is to cut the energy bill and save the trees. Besides, this concept of home plans will be friendly to the nature. The use of solar panel for electricity, wind turbine, glazing, and nature-based items will help to reduce the effect of global warming that is getting worse by day.

First, eco products will be used so they will be kind to the environment around. Eco-friendly materials will be the highlight of this type of house. Natural materials will benefits your wallets as well. You can use them around your place such as wood, stones, marble, and so on. Those are better materials than material made in manufacturer. Stone can be used as the load-bearing walls. It will provide better better insulation as well as waterproof.

Second, large windows or floor-to-ceiling windows fit with eco-friendly home design. You don’t need to use excessive electricity for lighting or air conditioning. With large windows, you will have better air circulation and lighting. It’s even better to set glass panels at the window base opened. Hence, it will take a role as trapdoors so the breezes will come in and out, giving fresh environment. Another option is to make window cut in the wall to let the breezes in. Furthermore, make the structure of the ceiling high. It also will help to create better circulation.

Third, choosing the best and eco-friendly material which is also durable. The house’s cedar plank siding is good option as it’s pest and water resistant. Besides, it has strong structure and needs low-maintenance. Furthermore, it will be beneficial to use low VOC. It will promote the original texture of the woods, making your house look more nature-oriented. Another benefit is it contains fewer atmosphere polluting volatile organic compounds. Therefore, it won’t disturb clean and fresh air around.

It will help a lot to live more simply to reduce environmental footprint. Besides using eco-friendly materials, it is also beneficial to use recycled items. It will reduce the number of trash at least. For instance, recycled shipping container can be good items to build eco-friendly house. Certain numbers of recycled shipping containers will create impressive atmosphere. To support, passive cooling system is used. Hence, there is no need to buy air conditioning because the air will be brought from nature.

Another choice of eco-friendly design for a house is eco-capsule concept. This is the best design for simple household. For those who live alone or with small member of family, this kind of house is perfect. As for the design, it uses solar, wind, and rain water. In addition, there is also curved house concept for home design. Completed with solar array on the roof, radiant floor heating and geothermal system, this house will be just perfect for living with intention to be friendly to the Mother nature.

Construction industry contributes to 40% of man-made carbon emission. Hence, it is the right time to consider and take real actio to create more eco-friendly house. The power of nature will brings good environment both to the house inside and out. Having a dream house with eco-friendly concept must be what people want today as the issue of pollution, excessive heat, and global warming is getting in the way. That’s why to save the Earth and the continuity of our living, creating eco-friendly home design will be one of the best solutions.