Classic Home Design

Even though we live in a modern life, it doesn’t mean all the aspect will follow the era. As the trend keeps changing by years, there are some styles which last forever, one of them is classic home design. House like any other buildings is created based on certain style or design. Therefore, classic design still remains until now as one of the most favorite interior design for various buildings. Classic design includes the choice of material, color orientation, and also interior design.

There are several designs showing classical theme such as :

European Classic Style

Europe is known for its originality of classic design. It can be shown by the structures of the buildings in every city. It may because Europe still use kingdom system so the structures of buildings follow the style. High ceiling, pillars, and natural colors are some elements which show the classic design. Spain, Portugal, England, Netherland, and Mediterrania are countries including into Europe and the architectural design of each country has their own characteristics. However, the general look will distinctively show that it’s European style. European classic style is not only one design but it ranges from different style. For example, cottage-like design, classic and elegant design, classic nature design, and many more.

European classic home design usually uses stone material, stucco, or bricks. The floor usually plans with gourmet kitchen, soaring fireplace, grand foyers. For home with more than one floor, the stair for European classic style usually use spiral staircases. It is one of the distinctive points which shows classic element. Even though most of the floor plans use brick or stones, sometimes wooden material is combined to add warmer environment. The floor plan is usually open and it always features large windows.

European classic style plans with open living space and it’s one of the signatures. Rope chairs are added to give off the vibe. French door and window characterized by large size can be used to support better circulation. Chimney is one of the European classic items so it needs to be supported with right cladding. Hence, marble is known to keep the environment cool so it’s best for the cladding to support chimney. There is no chimney without fireplace. Hence, European classic design usually uses warm brick around the fireplace so it can show constrast point of the interior design.   

American Classic Design

Meanwhile, there is also American classic style which shows architectural flavors for a simplicity. From the interior design, European and American classic is quite different. When European design tend to has high ceiling or stone-based material, American design tend to use wooden-based material for the house. Therefore, American style is more nature-oriented. Besides, European house design looks formal, while American design has more casual look. However, both has family environment from the interior design.

American classic house design usually incorporate with simplicity and functionality. However, it is sometimes combined with luxurious material to add more elegant look. The park is large to give space for the family doing activities. To reflect more on Americal architectural point, the house plans with mullioned windows and also the Dutch doors. The furnitures like back arm chair, classic faucet, and metal bed will enhance the classic design. The lighting is also important element to showcase classic style. It is often that white can lighting used as additional decorative item.

Classic home design seems to be one of the most favorite style. Warm, cozy, and family environment can be felt inside this type oh home design. Seeing how people still interested in classic design, it proves that design is unique and free. Hence, it has nothing to do with the era that you live.