Home Interior Design

How to Jazz Up Your Home Interior Design

Home Interior Design is one area that takes a certain eye of a skilled individual to be able to transform a room into a place that is not only stunning, but also incredibly functional. If you have always wanted to give your living space a makeover, but you’re not sure of where to start, you have come at the right place. Here, we will help you get started on how to easily jazz up your interior.

Choose three colors to set your color scheme

Who would have thought that a simple factor such as color scheme can significantly change the room? Yes, colors have the ability to set the tone of a room and at the same time, create the mood. The personal nature of colors can make it difficult for homeowners to come up with a decision. But if there is one mistake that almost all of homeowners have made is to only stick with one color, making it dull. Think it’s difficult to decide on three colors? See the following tips.

Choose the colors that go well with the prominent color in the room. Pick one color for the walls, the second color for the larger furniture in the room, and the third color is the color that pops in small bits and pieces of accessory you have such as knick knacks and throw pillows. For example, you may use the brown for the walls, whereas teal for the furniture and tangerine for accessories to make the room more alive.

Incorporate texture to your interior

Texture is often overlooked, but truth of the matter is it has such a high regard in Home Interior Design. Not only does it bring depth to the room, it also makes the room all the more rich and sophisticated. Simply combine various texture by incorporating patterned draperies or throw pillows. You may also incorporate texture from various textiles such as brushed suede, silk, zebra, and cotton.

Don’t be afraid to combine your furniture

Another mistake that many homeowners make is to stick with one sized furniture, making the room look all the more monotonous and dull. This is especially true in small homes. They think they did the right thing by using small pieces for their limited space, but this actually makes the room feel cluttered. The best remedy to this problem is to swap one of those small pieces for a large furniture that makes a statement.

Perhaps take out all of your chairs and get yourself a large sofa, combine it with three slender arm-chairs with stunning carved legs. This concept of combining various furniture may be odd, however they’re incredibly efficient in making the entire room look balanced. Not sure you want to give up your chairs? You may get yourself a large cabinet or armoire instead. This will also work in balancing the room.

While we swear by these design tips, some homeowners may hesitate in giving it a try for fear of further messing things up. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to do it on your own, simply get a free consultation and hire Kris Sandi Kartiko for your Home Interior Design needs.