Home Design Ideas

Home Design Ideas for Small Spaces

It seems like every interior designer must have endless Home Design Ideas for small spaces up their sleeves. The increasing demand, price hike and the limited spaces make it a bit of a challenge for the average people to really make use of their living space. While majority of people struggle to find a way to make their limited living space as fabulous as they are functional, architects and interior designers know that less space doesn’t mean one has to sacrifice one for the other.

If you are one of the desperate homeowners, you may breathe a sigh of relief because you have come at the right place. Here we will help you find a way to make every inch of your home useful.

Light color scheme goes a long way

Colors are a personal matter. While there is no limitation on which color to choose, some of them do give a different effect to the entire house. If you think your small house feels stuffed, chances are it is your color theme that you have to change, so hold off throwing away that coffee table for now. To ‘open up’ the whole house, you may start by painting the walls with light palette. French vanilla is always a good option.

Of course, the three-color theme still applies here, but making the lighter color the prominent one will do wonders. With French vanilla as your main color, you may play with colors such as light grey and a touch of black for the secondary and accent colors. Not only does it make the whole house feel spacious, it also gives off the warmth and inviting feeling.

Extend the rooms to your outdoor living space

Another simple Home Design Ideas is to extend the room where it is applicable. For example, if your backyard is just outside your small kitchen, you may use the same floor material in your kitchen for the coordinated deck outside. Tear down the wall and door separating the kitchen to the backyard and instead, install floor-to-ceiling glass shower doors. This will allow natural light to come in and the open space will instantly make the kitchen more spacious.

Less space doesn’t mean less storage room

Yes, just because you have a small space does not means you have to constantly organize a garage sale. You still can keep your belongings, you just have to be creative with the storage. Simply use every inch of your house for storage. From the space under the bed and sofa, to your vacant walls such as the wall above the bathtub and wash basin. Install shelves vertically and store whatever you want. Other than that, you may also use decorative boxes or chests for storage and decoration purposes.

Is your bathroom too cramped for your liking? The fact that the average homeowner not use the hallway is all the more reason for you to take out the sink, closer and the vanity out of the bathroom and strategically place them in the hallways just outside the bathroom door. These clever Home Design Ideas will definitely make your place a better place to live.