Design Rumah

Three of the Most Popular Design Rumah

Looking for Design Rumah inspiration for your new home? We know how exhilarating finding the ultimate house design is, more so if this is your first time dealing with the task. While the prospect of having your own house and being able to decorate it however you want it seems wonderful, you are bound to feel confused.

As a homeowner, obviously you want the best for your living space, but ‘best’ is not quite a specific definition and the number of options make it all the more challenging. Don’t fret, though! Kris Sandi Kartiko, one of the most reputable and highly experienced architect from Architect Jakarta, have narrowed down a few designs that you will absolutely love.

Industrial Design

Perhaps the hottest trend in the architectural and interior design worlds is the industrial design. Inspired by the industrial era back in the day, the design emphasizes the combination of distressed wooden elements with exposed steel and brick walls. In the today’s world, this particular design is largely characterized by its copper tone accents and rustic feel. However, when it comes to the design of its interior, there is surprisingly quite a few number of options.

Homeowners definitely can opt for whatever decor theme they desire. Whether they be a modern rustic design that further accentuates the clean lines and sophistication, or contemporary chic design with youthful twist of popping colors and modern furnitures. You may even opt for an elegant vintage design with tons of antique ornaments, and it will still work just as fine.

Nautical, coastal decor

Looking for Design Rumah that is not only incredibly relaxing, but also makes the entire house a warm and inviting place to live? Nautical design is the answer. This design has its inspiration from ocean, which is reflected in its color scheme. Yes, Nautical design is typically based on a sand or white colored foundation with a splash of refreshing blue as its prominent accent color.

As for the decor, Nautical largely incorporates the combination of linen upholstery and unfinished wood furniture. Those who love decorating their living space with various accessories will have so much fun decorating the house. From sailboats to jute ropes to numerous seashells in a unique-shaped jars just to name a few.

Farmhouse design

Would you like to live in a house that constantly reminds you of the good old days of living in a cabin by the lake during the summer vacation at your grandparents’ rural house? This design will definitely take you back to your childhood. This cabin-inspired design is a one of the best designs for those looking for a design that is a combination of traditional elements with modern aesthetic of a farmhouse. Characterized by upholstered linen and distressed wood, the design shares similar characteristic with nautical design.

However, the difference lies in the fact that farmhouse design does not focus on white and blue color combination. Quite the contrary, the farmhouse design focuses on brighter colors such as yellow. Not only that, this design also incorporates more definition. Do you want to know which design works for your living space? Get free consultation and work with our highly experienced architect to get the best Design Rumah that fits your personal taste.