New Trends Incorporated by Reputable Architect

Architect constantly changes and follow the trends. Due to its potential and nature of staying around for a few decades on end, they know that these trends are the ultimate definition of a generation. The trend has changed for thousands of years and it will keep changing well into the future, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the architectural design and trends of this day and age look vastly different from how it was a few decades ago. Read on to keep up with latest trend in the architecture design this year.

An open concept designs

Gone are the days where a living space consists of rooms separated by walls and are connected by doors. The latest concept we find this day is the connected spaces without any type of obstructions. Most the design of small houses and apartments are now including implied spaces, where an open-space plan can be used for multiple rooms in order to give the space an illusion that it’s large.

As we can see in the modern hotel rooms nowadays, it is no longer uncommon for a bedroom to be connected to the bathroom with the bathtub openly displayed in the room. Said bathtub has both functional and decorative purposes, making the space look bigger and giving it a unique contemporary look. And in apartments, it’s no longer uncommon to see a living room, dining room and kitchen connected, with distinctive interior design to mark the difference.

Kitchens are no longer hidden and forgotten

Another trend that Architect follows suit is to leave no room behind, including the kitchen. What was hidden away and forgotten in the past is now worn like a badge of honor. Kitchens nowadays are now taking the center stage of every modern home and also considerably more spacious. On the other hand, dining rooms seem to slowly disappear as seating spaces are now also being included as a part of the kitchen, making it a central hub for the family to get together during meal times.

More rooms are blending into the outdoor area

Recently more homes start paying more attention to their outdoor living space and begin to incorporate the outdoors into its indoor living space. The defined line of a wall is now gradually fading and it’s not uncommon to see a kitchen overlooking the backyard with a dining patio, and living room with the courtyard. Not only does this design make your house more energy efficient with its abundance of natural light, it also gives the house a better air circulation.

Another trend that we can see is the emergence of green construction solution, complete with relaxation area. More and more architects and architectural companies focus on a smarter, and more energy efficient designs. From green-building solutions, to high-quality materials that ensures low environmental impact – if any.

Relaxation areas are now also introduced to the living space. As Architect Jakarta has noted, it is no longer seen as impossible for homeowners to have their own whirlpool and hot tub in the patio overlooking the backyard. Make your dream house come true with the help of reputable Architect, Kris Sandi Kartiko.