High-end residential project is getting the lead as a demand for comfortable and luxurious residence is quite high. A house not only consists of steel and stones. More than that, a house is the place where a family make their own memories. Hence, it’s not enough to just focus on the outer look. The interior design of a house should represent the characteristics of the owner and brings comfort. There are lots of residential design available to fit your needs and wish. Here are some home design ideas for greater living:

Luxury Home Design

Luxury home design ideas focus on creating luxurious and impressive mood. Hence, the color for the interior design chosen tends to be bold and elegant. Pale and plain color doesn’t fit this concept of house because it will make the house look dull. Furthermore, the furniture used is the one with luxurious design. Furnitures with detailed accent or ornament fit the concept well. Besides, the lines and cutting for every element are also important to promote luxurious looks and feels.

Classic Home Design

Classic home design usually has its distinctive characteristics. The concept is taken from classic European residential. Tall building, pillars, wooden materials are elements supported this style. The interior design of this type of home looks grace and elegant. With curve lines and cuts, they will add the accent. Spanish, English, and French style is often used or even combined to create stronger look of a classic home. The use of the right furniture is also important.

Modern Home Design

Different from classic design, a house with modern concept evokes more on using simple and clean look. There is no need to put excessive ornament for the interior design. The choice of furniturea are those with simple and functional style. The colors used are limited to two or three tones. Modern house usually uses flat roof, large windows, and opening living space. One of the examples of modern home design is industrial home concept which exposes industrial items to complete the interior design.

Tropical Home Design

This type of residential focus on creating spacious, nature-oriented household. The distinctive point of this house is the large and pitched roof style. It aims to protect from excessive sun exposure during the day, and cover the house from the rain as well. This type of home concept is suitable for those who live in tropical area where dry and rainy season always come through.

Smart Home Design

Smart home design is also becoming a hot issue today. The use of high-tech items such as CCTV, wireless monitor, and others will support the function of the house. In this kind of house, the furniture tend to be functional and simple without excessive ornament or details. The color is also simple and calm such as white, sandy, black, navy. The combination of colors is limited to two tones to avoid excessive look.

Eco-Friendly Home Design

This is home design which will be kinder to the environment as well as energy bill. Eco-friendly design is focusing more on nature-based materials such as wood, stone, marbles. Besides, eco-friendly and innovative products are also being used such as solar panel, wind turbine, and many more. It will help to reduce the use of electricity.